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Utilize two computer monitors simultaneously to enhance your experience

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DeSmuME is a Nintendo DS emulator for the PC that allows users to emulate and play backups of their Nintendo DS games. DeSmuME, a fully-featured emulator, can play most Nintendo DS games, although it is worth mentioning that users cannot emulate games made for the Nintendo 3DS, as it uses different hardware. However, most Nintendo DS games will work in DeSmuME, provided the emulator is capable of running them.


  • Run DS Backups: Using the DeSmuME emulator, Nintendo DS fans are able to play backup copies of their favorite DS games on their computer, something especially advantageous when you consider how small and easily-misplaced the game cartridges are. While downloading games is illegal, users can easily purchase a low-cost device known as a flashcart that allows them to dump their game files to their computer, allowing them to preserve their game legally and continue to play it even if they lose the original game cartridge or their Nintendo DS fails.
  • Stable emulation: Due to the relatively simple coding of the Nintendo DS, DeSmuME users will find that almost all games released for the Nintendo DS will still work and be playable in the emulator.


  • Awkward controls: One of the defining features of the Nintendo DS is its touchscreen interface, which is a bit hard to replicate using a keyboard and mouse. While all games are playable, users of DeSmuME may find it a bit awkward to actually navigate the controls, though this can be alleviated by using a tablet or a touchpad for laptop users.
  • Requires a powerful PC: While stable and functional, DeSmuME can only work as well as your computer, and it may often seem as though it requires an inappropriate amount of memory and processing power to emulate gameplay. This problem is likely to be fixed in future versions.

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